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Sri Lanka: Perfect Paradise Island in the World, Year – Round

Peeking out from below India, this island not too far from the equator has just about everything in it. You may not get your four distinct seasons, but you will find them all at any given time throughout this slice of paradise called Sri Lanka.

The pages of its history are filled with ancient lore and proud kingdoms, of battles fought with valour and conquests of power. Predating the time of the villainous King Ravana, this mystical island has attracted many, in various forms, conquerors, colonisers, migrants, traders, and travellers. it has traversed through time under the guise of several names, each with its own story behind it. speaking of stories, Sri Lanka as it is now known has been mentioned in the famed tales of Sinbad the Sailor, as Serendib, the island he chanced upon on his sixth voyage, only to return again bearing gifts from his king.

What can you do in Sri Lanka?

Berberyn Lighthouse Beruwala Sri Lanka

Warm and sunny shores with golden beaches ring around this island, which houses a diverse lay of land within it, leading up to a mountainous centre shrouded in mist. Home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the Asian Elephant, as well as world famous gems which have been procured from its soil, Sri Lanka is the vacationer’s paradise. It offers relaxation and adventure, tranquility and excitement, and breathtaking views all within 65,000 square kilometres!

Anantaya Balcony View Chilaw Sri Lanka

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